The market readiness assistance grant program provides financial assistance for any company that is looking to bolster its online marketing activities. The internet-based marketing activities supported by this program, an initiative of the national government of Singapore are search engine marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, and getting one’s company listed on e-commerce websites that […]

  7 THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN LOOKING FOR A WEB DESIGN AGENCY When looking for a web design agency in Singapore, you might be overwhelmed with the information that you can gather. Web design is an important element for a website to survive the competition in the market. A company will need a web design […]

  Web Design Tips for Small and Medium Businesses in Singapore – A Few Things That You Need to Know It takes a lot of hard work to develop a small business. It takes even more work to get your website ready and working. However, a lot of companies realize pretty late that it is […]

If you are launching a website for your company or putting up your own website for your business,a good planning is needed. A website is your home in the Internet  and any home should look clean, fresh and well thought of. You are thinking of several ideas for your website but all your thoughts are […]

Note: This is an entry for companies who are asking “Why is OOJO’s is charging at a higher SEO rate than other SEO companies in singapore ?”   1) We don’t do “Cheap” SEO   Quality & Targeted Highly Competition Keywords Ranking SEO is very important for any kind of business who wants to increase […]

You must have heard it time and again, SEO is not dead. Perhaps it never will be, as long as consumers seek for new things that they feel significant in their daily activities. There are businesses that seem to have vague ideas on why SEO should be part of their digital marketing strategies. There is […]

Since businesses discovered the benefit of being recognized by their clients online and ranking on the first pages of search engine results, the demand for digital marketing agencies increased. To be ranked on the first pages of search engine results means more click rates, better traffic and higher conversions. Potential clients will ultimately become regular […]

An effective website should have great web design. Thus, knowing these five top qualities that make up a great and effective web design is a must for your business to have a competitive edge. Most businesses have their own websites nowadays. The digital world has indeed changed the game for businesses. The competition to be […]

Great branding for your business can create positive impact in digital marketing. Know how branding affects your business in the digital world. When we talk about branding, you tend to think it’s just the logo or an image. In a sense, this is true. However, you are missing more than you might think. Branding in […]

Determining the factors of making a great content strategy and how great content strategy helps businesses in growing. Digital marketing involves many strategies. Some strategies often set out trends on which businesses base their next move for digital marketing. One of the upcoming and effective trends in digital marketing is Content Marketing Strategies. Content marketing […]

Knowing the benefits of investing in mobile marketing for your business is a must. This will help you determine mobile marketing strategies can help your business reach its full potential in the market. Mobile marketing is now playing a big role in digital marketing. Since it has become an easier way of communication, almost everyone […]

To be able to keep up with giant companies, it is a must to know the latest trends especially in digital marketing. These upcoming trends will surely help your business grow and survive the hard competition. Competition in business is stiff and hard to overcome. However, digital marketing is a great way to even out […]

Before investing in digital marketing schemes, you need to know the benefits behind digital marketing. Venturing into business requires a lot of time, effort and money. Each decision made to improve a business needs to be well-thought and prepared for. And like any business, investing in an effective marketing plays a big role in ensuring […]

On June 17, we held a very successful seminar on the subject of ‘Marketing Your Business Online: How to Achieve Online Local Domination and 6 Things You Should Be Doing’. The event was a collaboration with SME Centre @ SICCI, which was the brainchild of SPRING Singapore. We were informed by SME Centre that after […]

On 21 April, 2015, Google rolled out their mobile-friendly update. So what does that mean for your website? Simply, it means that if your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you will see your rank drop in search results, and a significant decrease in mobile traffic from Google Search. And what is considered to […]