Digital Marketing Case Studies

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Since started in 2014, OOJO has helped many of its clients from different industries like wedding, hotel, CRM/POS solution, car rental/deal, fashion, shoes and accessories, interior design, etc.

We help companies to resolve its core problems: how to increase sales, and how to cut cost.

We understand that each company is unique, so they will need different requirement or face different challenges, thus for each client, we will customize the solution just for them: we design/develop different websites for clients bases on their USP concept, we use different channels to boost clients’ marketing and sales, we help some SME to make the right strategy and yearly plan, we teach SME owners on how SME works, etc. For whatever problem you are facing, OOJO is here to listen and ready to help.

We have selected some of cases on how we help clients to run their marketing or branding, which you can read the case and take for reference, these cases will tell you on how digital marketing can help you success and why you should choose OOJO as your digital marketing agency in Singapore.

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