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Baidu SEO Services:


Baidu SEO tends to be the leading Chinese internet search engine which takes 80% share from the overall internet search engine market of China Mainland. It was set up in 2000, by the Chinese search researcher and industrialist Robin Li.

Today’s Baidu is greater than any other search engines. Just like Google, its counterpart from the US, Baidu has developed right into a large Internet ecosystem with several services and items, including web search, web mapping application, pay-per-click advertising, news search, image search, question-and-answer, video search, internet browser, web statistics along with web-based wiki.

What's Baidu?
Baidu is really the most admired Chinese language search engine and it also beats Google when it comes to recognition in a few nations including China. You have to develop your website and Search engine optimization campaign in ways that it has features allied using the needs for positioning about this internet search engine. The best thing is that you can’t only get lots of attention however this technique is also comparatively less expensive than the standard type of marketing.

Why Baidu SEO is Essential?
Baidu is mainly Chinese language and shortly China will (If not already) convey more native-speaking internet customers then individuals who speak in English. Not to mention, China has become a global superpower having a gigantic population in excess of one billion people!

Whenever it comes to Baidu, the Search engine optimization in China is getting into slightly different territory. Google page rank differs then Google's, which is dependent on getting relevant articles. Although it comes from a communist country, Baidu's Google page rank appears to become according to a completely capitalist principle he who spends as much as possible wins. Investing cash on Baidu's pay-per-click ad campaigns is likely the most dependable to approach to rank high.

How to Optimize for Baidu:
The algorithm of Baidu differs from the algorithm of Google, Bing as well as Yahoo. In this way, it's less sophisticated plus it resembles the algorithm of the other search engines like Google from a long time ago. Here are some crucial tips what you ought to do to be able to get decent ratings with Baidu:
1. Find the correct Chinese key words
2. You'll need plenty of content in Chinese
3. Obtain a Pinyin Chinese domain title and host your website on the Chinese host
4. Use simple navigation structures
5. Watch out for duplicate content
6. No links to bad neighbors plus no link farms
7. Plan in advance
8. Baidu does not cope with Expensive and JavaScript
9. Make certain your internet site is spiderable

Key Differences between Baidu and Google:
The search engine Baidu and Google are not similar. A large number of variations still remain between the two.
Baidu does not seem to achieve the same Page Rank inbound linking algorithm as Google does, so investing your time and effort because they build back links with relevant websites within the Chinese internet could largely appear to become a waste of your time, for SEO at least.
You’d be the best of investing that money and time to your pay-per-click ad campaigns, as greater ratings are accomplished exclusively by greater spend - the relevancy from the happy to looking phrase isn’t counted in the manner it's with Google.

China Baidu SEO positively censors its content consistent with Chinese government rules, so be cautious using what you put onto your website. It might be really worth your time and effort to consider China’s censorship regime to determine what you could and can’t say before starting.
 With Google, you are able to host your website anywhere after which set each sub-domain’s location while using Geo targeting tool to specify which region it’s highly relevant to. Baidu doesn’t appear to give the same service so that your best choice is to find a Chinese top level domain and host it on the server in China. Fortunately domain names and hosting companies are relatively affordable in-country.
Baidu still loves Meta data. While Google has mostly reduced the relevance of Meta tags, etc, Baidu still features these into account and don't forget that the Meta data ought to be in Simplified Chinese, not English.
You will find a couple of new ways to check what key words are ranking on Baidu, for example trends around the Baidu Index or even the live keyword position feed, while Firefox comes with an extension that shows Baidu stats (a local Chinese speaker may prove useful for all these tasks).

Baidu SEO is presently number 1 SEO in China and lots of website owners who doesn’t naturally live in China might want to build their very own Chinese websites to grow their online business' exposure. Regrettably, Baidu English utilizes a different Google page rank formula and follows another rule. If you're like the majority of online entrepreneurs or internet business proprietors who are intending to expand your earnings horizons by overcoming a bigger target audience, then doing China Search Engine Optimization in Baidu may be the best option for you.