OOJO Partnership Program

OOJO Partnership Program

SEO Expertise

Search Engine Optimisation is a technical and ever-changing field that demands specialisation. OOJO specialises entirely in search engine optimisation, web design / development and online marketing: we pride ourselves on the results we generate for all our clients. OOJO follows a strictly ethical SEO policy, we have proven methods and strategies in obtaining top search engine rankings.

No Lock-In Contracts

Unlike most  of our competitors, we do not  lock our clients to fixed, long-term contracts. We operate on the principle  that  providing  a quality  service and guaranteeing accountability  is just as effective in achieving client loyalty and satisfaction. We’d prefer to prove ourselves through our results and allow the client to want to stay with us for these reasons.


OOJO is extremely flexible and happy to work around our Referral Partners in order to accommodate theirs and their clients’ needs. The fact that we aren’t a large, corporate company allows us to be flexible to suit other small businesses. As a Partner, you will deal  directly with our IT Director  rather than just another salesperson.

High Commissions

Unlike other companies with  similar  Partner Programs who  offer  a small, once-off  bonus for converted leads,  OOJO will provide you an on- going commission structure. In order to maintain our business relationship and keep a constant invested interest in our potential shared client, we will pay you a commission of all monthly revenue collected by OOJO.

Possibly the highest SEO referral commission offered – earn between 15% - 25%  commission on all revenue paid to OOJO from all referred clients based on packages & performance. SEO payments are made on a quarterly basis which means you’ll earn 3 months of Commission and recurring commissions every quarter of the year!

What Services Do OOJO Offer ?

SEO Services

The service for which we are named. At OOJO our Search Engine Optimisation services  are guaranteed. If a client’s keywords aren’t ranking on the  first page of Google within  an agreed period of time, we will continue to work on those keywords, for free, until they are. It is almost 1 year after starting this guarantee and we have never had to use it.

Google AdWords SEM

We pride  ourselves, at  OOJO, in our  Google  Advertising  experience and services. With years of experience in the industry, our team of Google AdWords experts, we are  dedicated to  helping your  business achieve results with Google AdWords.

Web Development

One of our strongest departments at  OOJO is  our  web  design and development team. We offer  a highly  personalised level of  service, which ensures our clients achieves the  results they  need.  When you refer OOJO, you can be sure Singapore’s leading Digital Marketing Agency will work hard for your clients!

Social Media

Pardon the  pun,  but  at  OOJO we “like” social  media. As a contemporary Singapore Digital Marketing agency we’re right  into developing social media presence for businesses in Singapore and Globally. OOJO offer  set-up  and  maintenance of Social Media business pages for: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Facebook Advertising

Aside from  business page  setup and  maintenance on  Facebook,  OOJO are able to harness the powers of demographic targeted marketing through Facebook advertising. (Sounds pretty impressive right?)

Google Places

Google  Maps, along  with  the  many  other Search  Engine  Optimisation tools offered by OOJO can help businesses climb to the top of search results and give them the boost they need.