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Delcie’s is the leading healthy bakery in Singapore serving cakes to health conscious consumers, those on diets, diabetics, vegans, vegetarians, plus people with eggs, dairy, soy, wheat and/or nuts allergies.


Project: Branding and Digital Consultancy


Delcie had a website all done up, but wondered if there is way to improve it, to make it better.


Better and more efficient use of screen estate as there are many products on the website. The UX (User Experience) was improved too; e.g. grouping buttons that are more frequently clicked on by visitors.

Delcie’s Desserts brand proposition was unclear in the original website. There needs to be a Differentiator – what sets Delcie’s Desserts apart from other bakery. After consultation and much discussion, we proposed to Delcie to leverage on the fact that her cakes are healthy. All the healthy points must be visible to visitors immediately. Today, one can see all the Unique Selling Points of Delcie’s Desserts on the new website.


Improved website that is more attractive and provides better user experience. Correct and accurate target audience. A brand with Points of Differences that are relevant, distinctive and believable. A brand that has clear brand positioning as well as being memorable, meaningful and likeable.


Strong brand with clear brand positioning and Unique Selling Points that stands out against competitors. Increased brand awareness that increased sales.

From The Client

“Timotheus is an incredibly talented and intelligent individual and consultant with exceptional marketing and branding insights. His creative and thoughtful approach to client relationships and business is truly enlightening and has helped me learn and understand how great business is done. He is highly knowledgeable about digital strategy and marketing as well as best web and social media practices.

I consider him to be a social media authority. He is consistently going above and beyond to share his expertise with others, and to motivate individuals and businesses to elevate their own expectations of what their business can achieve. I would highly recommend Timotheus as a vendor, client, and friend.”

Delcie Lam, Owner, Delcie's Desserts, Singapore, 2014

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