Social Media Specialist - Creative Writer

Cynthia Cavoto is a Social Media Specialist & Creative Writer from the United States who helps OOJO’s clients manage their Social Media Company Pages as well as writing web contents for their business websites.

Cynthia Cavoto is

Extremely organized and detail oriented
Capable of prioritizing multiple demands
Self-motivated, creative task manager for self and others
Trusted with confidential financial information

Related Skills and Experience

Social Media and Content Marketing Management

• Develop, monitor and expand social media initiatives across multiple platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and others.
• Identified and tap into new channels to optimize ROI and fuel revenue growth
• Manage concept development and execution for all social media promotions
• Monitor trends in social media
• Identify emerging relevant topics
• Monitor all social media channels for engagement opportunities; maintain a visible and active presence for all clients

Marketing and Public Relations

• Developed and managed online marketing campaigns, effectively driving brand awareness and engagement
• Achieved a strong, visible social media presence and developed concepts with viral potential.
• Organized and developed campaigns for tradeshows

Business Management

• Experienced sales and marketing expert with a track record of success in not only increasing sales but in building a strong base of repeat business
• Experienced public speaker, coach and teacher
• Over five years’ experience as a small business owner, managing everything from finances to HR to day-to-day operations


• Designed method for data analysis of yearly job costs and provided associated analyses
• Assess social media marketing strategies to determine ROI
• Develop social media reporting to demonstrate growth, engagement, and ROI


• Experienced at maintaining and updating websites
• Capable of creating social media graphics and images
• Expert at automating social media without impersonalizing it