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Meridian Curtains


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Website: http://www.meridiancurtains.com.sg/

Client’s Background

Meridian Curtains & Furnishings is a Singapore company specializing in curtains, blinds, wallpapers, solar films, etc. With more than 10 years of operation, the client’s main marketing channel is through fair/exhibition to attract customers. The owner was interested to do online marketing but can’t start due to lack of technical specialist and budget. In Jan-2015, we approached the client and confirmed the campaign in Feb-2015. We started with building a new website for the client, and started the online marketing campaign around Jun-2015. Mainly we do SEO/SEM and blog marketing for the client. The online traffic increase rapidly since we start the campaigns: in Sep-2015, the customer’s global ranking improve from 10,000,000+ to 1,000,000, and traffic from nearly 0 to 40+/day.

Statistic on how keywords improvement and traffic increased

SEO ranking improvement:

S/N Keywords monthly searches Ranking (01-Aug-2015) Ranking (19-Nov-2015) Ranking Improvement
1 curtains Singapore 1300 20 8 12
2 Curtain 1000 NA 25 More than 75
3 curtains and blinds singapore 140 22 8 14
4 curtain singapore 1300 26 9 17
5 roller blinds Singapore 590 NA 13 More than 87
6 blind singapore 590 NA 19 More than 81
7 window film 390 NA NA NA
8 solar film singapore 390 56 26 30
9 wallpaper singapore 2400 NA 28 More than 72
10 window film singapore 320 NA 22 More than 78

Website traffic in October-2015:


Ranking and other website statistic improvement in Alexa:meridian2


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